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-Ivaroa- We are present in the US market since 1992.

Gift items - Doll - Plush toy - Stuffed animals - Stuffed toy - Soft toy - Toy and Teddy Bear.

Valentine's Day - Items for Valentines Day. 

International Women's Day - Items for Women's Day. 

Father's Day - Items for Father Day. 

Easter - Items for Easter.

Mother's Day - Items for Mother's Day.

St. George's Day - Items for St. George's Day.

Birth - Items for Births.

Birthday - Items for Birthdays.

Graduation - Items for Graduation.

Wedding - Items for marriage. 

Grandparents Day - Items for Grandparents Day,

Halloween - Items for Halloween.

Christmas - Items for Christmas.

Florist - Items for Flower Shop.

Flowers - Items for complement Bouquets.

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Creation & Design of Europe S.l.u. is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of design quality soft toys subject to daily innovation and improvement to meet the approval of our clients.

Creation & Design of Europe S.l.u.
Office and Manufacturing plant address:

Industrial zone. “El Saladar“ Street Granado, parcela 10
P.O.B. 179 – E 30850 Totana (MU) Levante - Spain.
Phone number: 34 - 968 070 486 Fax number: 34 - 968 940 717

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